Custom Colour

Looking for just the right shade of blue?

With Wood Crest, you can customize your cabinetry to ANY colour you like with our Custom Colour Program. Simply choose a swatch from any paint manufacturer and we can match the colour! Ask your Home Hardware kitchen designer for complete details.


Book Case
Summit MDF Custom Colour
Described as “Blue Steel”


During an episode of Scott’s House Call, Scott gave these homeowners a stunning entryway that provided both awesome storage and stand out style!

To maximize the overall height of the space, Scott used tall utility cabinets to hang coats, store seasonal footwear, and keep sports gear organized for the whole family.

For the book case, Scott selected a custom colour for the cabinets. It is one of his favourite blues to design with, which he lovingly refers to as “Blue Steel.” The colour brings a lot of energy to the space in a warm and welcoming way.

Scott’s inspiration?   The floor tile of course! The cabinetry is a darker version of the blue-grey colour found in the floor tile. This allows the cabinetry to shine on it’s own, yet remain complementary to the tile.



Entrance Way Closet
Summit Rift Oak Winter + Gentry MDF Alabaster

Click to see Scott's inspiration for this "blue steel finish".